About Kamchatka

About Kamchatka

Geography of the Kamchatka Peninsula

The geographical position of the Kamchatka Territory - the extreme northeast Russia. Land area - 472.3 square kilometers Ingredients: oluostrov Kamchatka, the adjacent part of the mainland, Commander Islands, Karaginsky. North Point - 65 * N (near the Arctic Circle) (latitude of Arkhangelsk). South Point - 50 * 57 'N (Cape Lopatka) (Kiev latitude).

Koryak Autonomous Area is part of the Kamchatka Territory. Its area is 305.5 square kilometers

Within the boundaries of the Kamchatka Territory can be placed England, Portugal, Belgium and Luxembourg combined. Coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula, washed by the cold Sea of ​​Okhotsk and the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Deep-water Kuril-Kamchatka Trench runs along the east coast. This is related to the structure of the relief, volcanism, seismicity, climate, flora and fauna of the peninsula. The terrain is mostly mountainous.

In the west of the peninsula is washed by the cold Sea of Okhotsk in the east - the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean . Kamchatka is extremely rich in water resources; There are up to 14 000 thousand. rivers and streams, about 100,000 large and small lakes.

In the northern part of the territory is the Koryak Highlands, across the peninsula, almost parallel to each other, drawn two of the ridge - and Middle East. Of the 29 active volcanoes of Kamchatka 28 located in its eastern part. Here is the highest volcano in Eurasia - Kluchevskoy . West Coast has a flat coastline, gently sloping terrain, the east coast is indented by peninsulas and bays, including one of the largest and most beautiful in the world - Avacha Bay.

With volcanic activity associated with the formation of many minerals and hydrothermal activity: the emergence of the hot springs, fumaroles education, geysers and other manifestations.

To the coast and south of the peninsula is characterized by a maritime climate, for the central and northern part - continental. Winter on the peninsula is very different in its different parts: snowy and mild on the coast, frosty in the central and far from the coast side, the harsh and windy in the north. Snow falls in late September in the north, and at the end of October - in the south. Summer is relatively cool at the coast and quite hot in the center.

The absolute maximum temperature in Kamchatka + 34 * C, the absolute minimum of -24: 26 * On the islands of -49 to 60 * C in the North and Central Kamchatka. 
The number of days with t * over 20 * C in summer: on the coast - 1 - 6, in the valley r.Kamchatki - 35 - 55. 
Maximum rainfall - up to 2600 mm per year (south-east coast of Kamchatka). 
The maximum wind velocity in winter to 40 m / sec (in Kamchatka).

In the formation of volcano Kamchatka climate involved (about 300), ice (414), the longest of which Bilchenov (length - 17,7 km; area - 21.8 sq km.) Kamchatka surrounding sea.

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