Tours in Kamchatka, with team of Geyser hotel
Climbing the Klyuchevskaya volcano (4750m.)

Climbing the Klyuchevskaya volcano (4750m.)

The best time for the tour: from June 15 to August 30.

The tour is on request.

Passing the route through the forces only to well-trained sportsmen - tourists.

Klyuchevskoy volcano is one of the most active, and the highest active volcano in Europe and Asia. At the top is a crater with a diameter of 300 meters, which constantly changes its shape. In addition to this crater, the volcano has about 80 lateral breakouts and Klyuchevskaya volcano cones enjoys well-deserved fame among tourists and climbers around the world. The ascent to this volcano is considered very prestigious.

Day 1. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to Petropavlovsk. Hotel accommodation. Checking the equipment.
Day 2. Transfer by bus to the village of Esso (500 km). Accommodation in a hotel, bathing in hot springs, visiting the National Museum.
Day 3. Transfer by helicopter to a height of 2700m., On the plateau between the volcanoes of Kluchevskoy and Kamen. The plateau offers a beautiful panorama of the volcanoes Klyuchevskaya (4750m.), The Stone (4579m.) Krestovsky (4057m.) And Ushkovsky (3903m.). Stationary camp. Overnight in tents.
Day 4. Acclimatization walk (4-5 hours) along the Bogdanovich glacier and Erman glacier to the volcanoes Ushkovsky and Krestovsky.
Day 5. Acclimatization ascent, with the delivery of food and equipment to an altitude of 3200m. Return to the stationary camp.
Day 6. Entry to a height of 3200m. Intermediate camp setting. Overnight in tents.
Day 7. Storm of the summit of Klyuchevsky volcano, Return to the intermediate camp.
Day 8. Descent to the stationary camp. Recreation.
Day 9. Transfer by helicopter to the village of Esso. Accommodation in a hotel, rest, bathing in hot springs.
10-11 days. Dangerous days are added to the period of ascent, in case of unfavorable weather, when movement is extremely difficult. Under favorable weather conditions during the reserve days, the group makes radial excursions to the spurs of Kamen and Ushkovsky volcanoes.
Day 12: Return by bus to Petropavlovsk (500 km.). Accommodation at the recreation center in the resort zone "Paratunka". Bathing in the pool with thermal water.
Day 13. Excursion around the city. Visit to the museum of local lore. Visiting the fish market. Buying souvenirs from Kamchatka. If desired, a helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers is possible on this day.
Day 14.Delivery to the airport, seeing off.

The cost of this tour depends on the number of participants.

The cost of the tour includes:

  • 3 meals a day throughout the tour.
  • guide services, throughout the tour.
  • services of the cook, throughout the tour.
  • basic equipment (tents, etc.)
  • transport services (bus, helicopter).
  • accommodation in a recreation center and in a hotel.

The price does not include:

  • purchase of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes.
  • purchase of souvenirs.
During the tour, all the equipment and food tourists carry on their own. If necessary, it is possible to use porters (porters) and satellite phone for an additional fee.

Recommended equipment:

  1. a backpack or travel bag,
  2. sleeping bag, tourist rug,
  3. tourist boots or rubber boots,
  4. removable shoes (sneakers),
  5. personal hygiene items, bathing accessories,
  6. jacket with a hood,
  7. sweater ...... fleece,
  8. Sunglasses,
  9. headdress,
  10. lamp,
  11. gloves,
  12. telescopic sticks,
  13. personal first aid kit,
  14. mosquito spray.

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