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Mount Moroznaya - the center of skiing

Mount Moroznaya - the center of skiing

This is one of the best ski centers in Kamchatka and in Russia as a whole. For 10 years, the Russian national team for mountain skiing has been training here. Among Kamchatka people living in an environment of mountain landscapes, this sport is quite popular, and the names of Kamchatka athletes Vladimir Sitnekov, Sergei Chaadayev, Igor Utkin, Varvara Zelenskaya have long been recognized throughout the world.

Mount Frosty offers mountain ski lovers 5 trails in lengths of 2050, 2000, 680, 520 and 300m. Slope runs from 10 to 30 *.

In addition to the most famous center of mountain skiing - Mount Moroznaya, in the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky there are two more - the base "Krasnaya Sopka" and the children's ski school "Edelweiss".


One of the most fascinating kinds of extreme skiing, especially popular in recent years, is downhill skiing from the volcano. A helicopter chartered by a travel company may lower you to the slopes of any volcano from which you can descend. Most often for high-speed descent, volcanoes Avachinsky (with a mark of 2749 (m.), Vilyuchinsky (2173 m.), Zhupanovsky (2900 m.), Kozelsky (2189 m.) Are used.

Risk - you will not regret!

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