Tours in Kamchatka, with team of Geyser hotel
Ski trip. Volcanoes Ksudach, Hodutka

Ski trip. Volcanoes Ksudach, Hodutka

The period is from April 15 to May 20.

The hike is designed for tourists with an average physical preparation: about 6 hours a day with a backpack of 10-15 kg.

During the trip you will visit two unique places on Kamchatka - a huge caldera and two lakes on the volcano Ksudach; The largest hot springs in Kamchatka near Khodutka volcano, which are one of the most beautiful volcanoes of Kamchatka. There will be an opportunity to observe the wild nature of Kamchatka: brown bears, snow rams, birds.

1 day. Meeting at the airport. Meeting at the airport, transfer to the recreation center (30 km.). Accommodation, rest, swimming in the pool with thermal water.
2 day. Departure by helicopter to the area of ​​Ksudach volcano (1.2 hours). During the flight, the volcanoes Vilyuchinsky (2175m), Mutnovsky (2323m.), Gorely (1829m), Asacha (1910m.), Khodutka (2087m.) Were surveyed. Excursion to the hot springs of the Klyuchevoye lake. Bathing in wild hot springs. Overnight in tents.
3 day. Ski tour of the caldera of the volcano Ksudach. Inspection of pumice deposits, fumarole. It is possible to observe the bears and snow rams. Overnight in tents.
4 day. Ski transition to the volcano Khodutka (15 km.). During the hike you can see in the ancient crater of Ksudach volcano the beautiful lake of Kamchatka with high rocky shores - Shtyubelya lake. A beautiful huge waterfall on the river leaving the volcano crater. As well as the results of the eruption of the volcano in 1907, when the surrounding forests were covered with slag volcano. Overnight in tents.
5 day. Continuation of the transition to the volcano Khodutka (20 km.) Overnight in tents.
6 day. Ski transition to the volcano Khodutka (17 km.). When approaching the volcano, a beautiful view of the rocky cones of the volcanoes Khodutka and Priyemysh opens up. Movement along the large valley of the Khodutka river along the birch forest. The transition ends at a large glade where there is a large hot lake, from which a hot river flows 30 meters wide. Rest on the shore of the lake. Bathing in a hot lake and river. Overnight in a wooden house.
7 day. Rest on Khodutkinsky hot springs. Overnight in a wooden house. Cross-country skiing at the foot of the volcano Khodutka, bathing in hot springs.
8 day. Departure by helicopter to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (1 hour). Accommodation in a recreation center. Recreation. Bathing in the pool with thermal water. City Tour. Visit to the museum of local lore. Visiting the fish market. Buying souvenirs from Kamchatka.
Day 9. A spare day (snowstorm day) is added to the period of the ski trip, in case of unfavorable weather - blizzards, when movement is extremely difficult. Under favorable weather conditions, the group rests on a spare day at the Khodutkinsky hot springs.
The 10th day. Delivery to the airport, seeing off.

Included in the price:

  • 3 meals a day throughout the tour.
  • guide services, throughout the tour.
  • services of the cook, throughout the tour.
  • basic equipment. (tents, etc.)
  • transport services (bus, helicopter).
  • accommodation in a recreation center and in cottages.

The price does not include:

  • purchase of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes.
  • purchase of souvenirs.
All their equipment and food tourists carry on their own. If necessary, it is possible to use porters (porters) and satellite phone for an additional fee.

Each participant of the tour must have: a backpack, a sleeping bag, a mat, replaceable warm shoes, skis, personal hygiene items, bathing accessories, sunglasses.

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