Tours in Kamchatka, with team of Geyser hotel
Trekking on the volcanoes of Kluchevskaya group: Tolbachik, Bezymyanny

Trekking on the volcanoes of Kluchevskaya group: Tolbachik, Bezymyanny

The best time for the tour: from June 15 to August 31.

The dates of the races for 2009 are as follows: 12.06, 04.07, 22.07, 27.08, 05.09.

The tour is designed for tourists with medium physical training: approximately 6 hours a day with a backpack of 10-15 kg. On the route of spending the night in tents.

During the tour you will visit one of the most interesting places for tourists in Kamchatka. The route passes through a plateau at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level, among the highest and active volcanoes of Kamchatka, along alpine meadows and volcanic fields resembling the lunar landscape. In these fields, the Lunokhod and Mars rover were tested. You will climb two volcanoes.

Day 1. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to Petropavlovsk. Hotel accommodation. Checking the equipment.
Day 2. Passage on a motor vehicle with cross-country ability to the area of ​​the village. Kozyrevsk (450km away). In clear weather this region offers a view of the highest volcanoes of Kamchatka: Krestovsky (4057m.), Ushkovsky (3903m.), Klyuchevskaya (4750m.), Stone (4579m.), Plosky Tolbachik (3,082m.) And Ostry Tolbachik (3672m.) . Overnight in tents.
Day 3. Passage on a cross-country vehicle to the former seismic station Leningradskaya. Inspection of the northern group of Tolbachik cones. Tolbachinsky cones - a special group of volcanic formations, which are volcanoes in miniature, their height is 100-200 meters.
4 day. Acclimatization walk (4-6 hours) on the Cone and the Dead Forest, destroyed by slag and ash eruptions in 1975.
Day 5. Getting on the volcano Plosky Tolbachik (3082m.). Rise uncomplicated and takes 6-8 hours. In the caldera of the volcano there is a lake of yellow color, in which sulfur is released. At the foot of the rocky walls of the caldera there are powerful fumaroles.
Day 6. Poshodny passage to the river Tolud. This area strikes as lifeless after the eruption of Tolbachik volcano in 1975.
Day 7. Proshodny passage through the Tolud pass (1291m.) To the Tolbachinsky pass. From the Tolud pass a new view opens on the volcanoes Plosky and Ostry Tolbachik, Bolshaya Udina (2920m.) And Malaya Udina (1945m.), Oval Zimina (3080m.).
Day 8. Peskhodny passage through the Tolbachinsky pass (1503m.) To the famous mountain of Polenitsa, composed of separate basalt pillars (this object is protected by UNESCO). Moving along alpine meadows and old lava flows. On the way, a survey of the craters New, Mars and Jupiter. These craters appeared as a result of volcanic processes in 1945.
Day 9. Walking pass through the pass (1500m.) Under the volcano Nameless
Day 10.The ascent to the Nameless Volcano (2880m.). After the catastrophic eruption of 1958, this peak became very unusual on the terrain. Inside the giant funnel, a new giant cone has grown. Climbing takes 8 hours.
Day 11. Reserve day. Rest after climbing. In case of bad weather, it is used as a spare to climb the volcano.
Day 12. Trekking along the Alpine highlands to the canyon of the river Studenaya. On the rocks of the canyon it is possible to meet flocks of wild snow rams.
Day 13.Poshodny passage to the hill Kopyt. Moving on an off-road vehicle to the village of Kozyrevsk.
Day 14. Return by car to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Accommodation at the recreation center in the resort zone "Paratunka". Bathing in the pool with thermal water.
Day 15. Delivery to the airport, seeing off.

The cost of the tour includes:

  • 3 meals a day throughout the tour.
  • guide services, throughout the tour.
  • services of the cook, throughout the tour.
  • basic equipment (tents, etc.)
  • transport services (bus, car).
  • accommodation in a recreation center and in a hotel.

The price does not include:

  • purchase of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes.
  • purchase of souvenirs.
  • During the tour, all the equipment and food tourists carry on their own. If necessary, you can use porters (porters).

Recommended equipment:

  • backpack 60-80 liters,
  • sleeping bag, tourist rug,
  • tourist boots or rubber boots,
  • removable shoes (sneakers),
  • personal hygiene items, bathing accessories,
  • jacket with a hood,
  • sweater ...... fleece,
  • Sunglasses,
  • headdress,
  • lamp,
  • gloves,
  • telescopic sticks,
  • personal first aid kit,
  • mosquito spray.

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